Identity Devotional Week 7: You Are Never Alone

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Ephesians 3:14-21 and Ephesians 4:1-16


  1. Record how many times Paul uses the words “one,” “unity,” “together,” and the like.
  2. What did these verses have to do with the idea that you are not alone?
  3. Are you struggling to have unity with anyone in your life right now? What is causing division?



Are these the kind of verses you expected to read today when you saw that the topic was “You Are Not Alone”?

Often we read this topic and go straight to verses that remind us that God is always with us. And while that is a beautifully true statement, I think there is something crucial that we are missing when it comes to being not alone.

We have each other.

How incredible are these verses that we read today? Not only do we have a God that will never leave or forsake us, but God has then united all of us (in all of our diversity, quirks and nuances) as one under Him. Not only are we never alone because God is with us, we are never alone because we are united with all believers.

Another beautiful thing? We don’t have to conform to be more like each other to be more united. In fact, these verses prove that God created unity out of diversity. It’s the very thing that separates Christians from non-Christians. Who else could unify such different people except God himself?

Paul prays in Ephesians 3:17-18 that we would have the strength together to be able to understand the height and width and depth and length of God’s love. We have the ability to actually start to comprehend God’s love, but we only do this when we are united. He goes on to remind us that we are a part of one body, one hope, one Lord, one faith, one baptism, one God, one Father. We are a part of the Body of Christ and we all get to play our part to build this beautiful picture of unity.

But if we look at our world (and probably our lives right now) we may not see a whole lot of unity. In fact, we are probably experiencing more division, strife, conflict, separation, and hurt. Many of our own families aren’t even experiencing the unity that has been gifted to us by our Father.

God gave us the gift of unity so that we may never be alone, but many of us are more alone than ever before.

Are you feeling alone?

This is something that cannot be solved with just one devotional, and that is why we are going to end with a prayer for our families today. We cannot have unity in our churches, schools, cities or the world without unity in our families. I believe that no matter how broken apart our families may seem, God can bring reconciliation, healing and unity.

Pray this prayer today (and every day for this week). Invite someone to pray it with you and for you— whether that be a family member or a friend. Pray it for your family and over your home so that God may start this work of unity in your own home.

And remember: you’re never alone because God has given you a beautifully diverse family of all of the children of God under His name. Reach out to a member of that family today as a reminder to them and you that you are never alone. Open up, be vulnerable, be there for someone who is alone and invite someone into your life so that you aren’t alone. 

We aren’t made to do this alone. We were made for unity.


I pray for the unity that Ephesians 3 and 4 talk about. I pray that it would start in our family. Unity amongst [names of family members]. I pray for unity in our home. May we step into our gifts that you have uniquely given us within our own families. I pray that we would elevate and celebrate each others’ unique gifts, beautiful diversity, and great differences. We all bring gifts to help this family flourish and I pray that we would all create a space for those gifts to grow. 

God, help me not to compare myself to other members of my family. Help me not to squash the gifts of my family through indifference, hurtful words, or pride. Help me to create a space where each member of our family is seen, known, loved, and heard. Make our family one team. Make our home a safe space. Unify us even when it seems impossible. Heal our hurts and brokenness that have torn this family apart. Open our minds and hearts so that we may be honest with each other about our hurts and brokenness. Let the Gospel and your grace define us instead of all of the ways we have fallen short.

I pray that your Spirit would be quick to convict us when we don’t fight for unity and when we allow Satan to create factions within our family. Help us to boldly take that unity to our church body, to our schools, to our neighborhood, and to our city.

Thank you that we are never alone because you never leave us, but thank you that we are never alone because you have united us through your Spirit to all believers. Thank you that unity starts in the most unlikely places—our families. Unify us.

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