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Identity Devotional Week 10: You Are an Image Bearer

Are you living in freedom when it comes to how you see yourself? Or do you carry around the heavy weight of insecurities that consume your mind and cripple your sense of worth? Many of us cognitively know that we were created in the image of God, but we struggle to live in the reality that accompanies that truth.

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Identity Devotional Week 9: You Are Chosen

God chose you. And he is still choosing you every day. You don’t have to get it all right to make sure he keeps choosing you. You can be rejected by other people, teams, roles, or jobs and in the end it doesn’t matter because the creator of the universe chose you before he even created the world.

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Identity Devotional Week 6: You Are Free

We often believe freedom can only be found when we are completely in charge of ourselves; following every whim, passion, and desire without any kind of hinderance or guilt to accompany our actions. But why don’t we get the freedom we chase when we try to live this way?

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