2 Years Later: An Update on My Health

We usually re-live moments through our memories, but the problem with that is you have a different perspective as you look back on memories. I’ve been looking back through a lens of healing and growth and it has given me a rosier picture of my experience. What I wrote as I went through it all was real and raw—I had forgotten.

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Love Yourself Second: How to Love Others As Jesus Calls Us

What if we’ve grown up with this pervasive idea that we need to put ourselves first and look out for number 1, but God never intended for us to live or even think that way? What if our interpretation of “love your neighbor as yourself” is incredibly clouded by an American individualistic ideal that seeks to protect our lives and our possessions rather than trust God’s fulfilling love for us?

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Identity Devotional Week 6: You Are Free

We often believe freedom can only be found when we are completely in charge of ourselves; following every whim, passion, and desire without any kind of hinderance or guilt to accompany our actions. But why don’t we get the freedom we chase when we try to live this way?

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